08 September 2007


wow. sometimes during the day i'm like "aw i should write in my blog" and then i'm like "nah, i wrote it in the other day, i don't want to seem like an overzealous blogger" and then before i know it it's friday and the last time i heard from myself it was like 1669 days ago. speaking of 1669 (did you like how i did that?) i got my melbourne marathon bib number and race packet in the mail the other day! 1669 just happens to be my race number. funny story, i was going to wake up and go running before uni but decided sleep was much more important. came back for lunch and got my mail only to find the marathon stuff. that made me feel like a lazy arse. 4 weeks to the marathon, folks. four WEEKS. i am getting winded already.

i turned in my first paper this week! a 500 worder, this one was quite the lil bugger because it was for australian political economy. i barely can comprehend us economy, let alone another hemisphere's. so what should have taken me 2 hours to spit out ended up taking me about ten.. also, the fact that i put it off till the day before didn't help. they have an interesting system here though, where as back in the states we'd turn in our papers during class periods, they give you until 5pm on any given day, lecture or tutorial or not. you go to the department, fill out a cover sheet, sign your life away against plagiarism, then time stamp it and send it off down a slot to heaven. it's kind of nervewrecking, at least to me. i'd rather hand it in face to face with the professor.. that way there's no "but i didn't get it, you must not have turned it in" factor. so, yeah. we'll see how that one turns out. my next piece of work is due next friday, a 1500 word monster about migration into australia. also something i know nothing about.. except for "bring in the whites!"

mmm so yep. today we had madfest at college which was basically like a showcase of talented people. i, in turn, felt like an untalented arse. why don't i know how to play the piano or geeeetar? why does my voice sound like shitearse? i blame my parents, personally. i have no talents. what can i do? run on stage? "and next up we have alycia! watch how she jogs in place! tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock..." yep. nope. definitely blame the parents.

gosh, this week went by faasssst. tomorrow morning i am getting up bright and early for a) a run b) a shower and c) GREAT OCEAN ROAD! we are going for the weekend, it should be a GREAT time.. i am most excited for SURFING, my first time ever, if i get stung by a jellyfish, avenge my death. then in ONE WEEK it is SPRING BREAKKKK!! WOOOOO! this semester is going by waaaay too fast. so one week till spring break.. then spring break is 2 weeks..then we come back to school in the beginning of october...go to uni for 3 weeks, then we have swotvac (a week off for studying) and exams start beginning of november. so let me get this straight for you. exams start november 3rd. i have one class that has an exam, but i dont know when it is yet, they havent posted the exam timetable yet. i leave australia (sadface) november 24th. that is a WHOLE MONTH of no uni.

team awesome mating call?


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