26 August 2007

i just felt like running!

we all know how forrest gump is pretty much the most amazing of all time. i like it because it makes me feel bad about my life. not in a bad way, in a "look what this socially inept and mentally slow human being can do in one lifetime! what have you done, alycia?" kind of way. well, today, i stepped it up a notch.

remember when i was all "i love my body it is great!" and then i stopped running for 2 weeks because i got sick. that worked out well for me. so today was the 10k that i signed up for eons ago...and it was GREAT. first of all, how cool was it to be running a race in australia.. not to mention, free tshirt, medal, and sunday paper! those aussies really know how to throw a race party. anyways, it's been FANTASTIC weather the past couple days. nice and warm and upper 60s.. spring is finally here. so i ran for the first time in 2 weeks on wednesday. and then i ran on thursday. and then i took friday off because i didn't feel like running. and then i did a speed workout saturday. and today was the 10k and BAM after 3 days of training i didn't run PR or anything but i did do a decent time (for me) and was able to go the whole time and still have enough left for a kick at the end. my time ended up being around ~56 minutes.. results should be up soon, and i'll know the official. but considering i've only run a 10k twice, and the first time was with dad and we finished just over an hour, and the second time was the DG one where i ran a ~52 minutes, i am not disappointed. i hadn't run in 2 weeks and my body was like 'oh yeah!' and totally rocked. so i'm happy about that. now i am trying to find more races to run because that is seriously the best motivation to keep running and running fast.

speaking of which, i talked to amanda after my race and told her all about it.. it was so weird running without her. she's always on my side and we always start and finish together.. she was my main motivation this summer, she's the reason i am running right now, she's the reason i signed up for the marathon.. i wonder if she even knows that. seriously..her times are great, she was running just after she had vito and all this summer "after having a baby 4 months ago!" she's the person that i would be able to carry a conversation with and she's the one who would be like "no, alycia, you can't spring the last mile" and she's the reason i ran that half to begin with. when i talked to her today she told me she hadn't run since i left, really, and she has no races signed up or anything either. which is disappointing because she's FAST! and i can't help but want to get her out there running again.

anyways, i'm babbling, and you don't want to read this. my main point is: i love my sister, and it sucks running without her. there. i said it. let the tears flow.

so after the race i came back to college and met up with em and kathleen and we headed down to the g to see if we could get tickets to the essendon game. it was sold out, which was disappointing, so we headed to bridge road for some shopping. i ended up getting ball shoes and a summer dress! woo for warm weather!

now i'm back here, freshly showered (shh..dont tell anyone..definitely did not shower after race, although i did change and reapply the deodorant..) and now i'm headed down to brunswick st for dinner with a bunch of people. and then it's work time! (yeah, right?)

okay. don't tell amanda, but i'm signing her up for a race when i get back, too. that'll teach her to stop running.

ok! gotta go! love, me

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