30 August 2007

i'm blue ba da dee a ba da

actually, that is a lie. i am a little bit pink in the cheeks (sunburn!) and between my fingers the webs are a bit orangey from the sunless tanner daily moisturizer. no blue to be seen. actually, that's an interesting side note: all the pictures i have with aussies i am the tannest one.. i am from chicago, people. i should never be the tannest. no, i reckon it's because they take skin cancer and uv damage a lot more serious here... hte other day, we were eating lunch in the courtyard and the weather was beautiful: a nice toasty 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, the sun beating heavily.. i'm pulling up my shirt sleeves and about to grab a towel and strip down to my skivvies while my friends were using newspapers to cover the backs of their necks. i reckon it's almost sunscreen season (their words, not mine). that'll be hard to get into...as soon as that sun starts shining all the time the only thing on my mind will be TAN TAN TAN! because we all know i have to come back to chicago in december with a tan. skin cancer or no skin cancer.

i get distracted so easily. i am coming down now off a two day high because of MARY'S BALL!!! alright. so for those of you not in the know, every college throws a ball during the year, and i got lucky because we have our ball second semester. so ours was a 60$ two course meal all you can drink pretty views over the lake fiesta... and it was AWESOME. okay. so. yesterday leading up t the ball was all normal and boring, i went to my lecture and tut and watched some entourage.. exciting life i lead, i know. and then around 5 everyone got ready and i had my kickass dress from this boutique down by brunswick st. it was not as formal as say, prom would be, but more like a fraternity semi-formal or something. stupid itunes, you suck at party shuffle. anyways, everyone looked really nice and pretty and smiling faces and all that stuff. we got a taxi to the powerhouse and got shuffled up a mary's-only line (which was good beacuse the line was LONG! the tickets had sold out). so the theme was 'a black & white affair' so the decorations were all, well, b&w; it looked nice. so we grab a table and go to get in line for the drinks because. well. yeah. so then this dragonlady was all "dont line up for drinks! waiters will bring them out to you! if you line up for drinks i will close down the bar!" and we were all "okay dragonlady watch where you breath that fire this is an expensive dress" and sat down.. only to not be served drinks. so we went to the other bar on the other side of the room which was still serving drinks? and proceeded to double fist it most of the night (you could only get 2 drinks every time you went up. probably a good rule). the food was good and the dessert was chocolate cake YUM, it was nice to have a meal with it, the rest of the balls only had finger food which were either crap or went too fast. so after dinner there was dancing and all that which we did for a little bit but mostly just went around and talked to people. and it wasn't like there was a bunch of drunk people being stupid.. at least the mary's crowd. i know a number of people spewed but i can happily say i don't know who they are, they weren't in my college. it was just an overall great night, lots of fun four hours and hours and hours!! so the venue kicked us out around 1 so we went for the after party at f4, which was randomly somewhere in the city, we managed to find it with no problems (surprise!) and this place was a trip.. they started out playing general pop music (helllllooooo UFO song!) and then moved onto american classics (um, grease lightening?) all the while using lasers and strobe lights to maximize the cool factor. but on the plus side i finally got to dance..you know me.. i just wanna dance, fuck guys, lets just DANCE girls. (thank you dane cook for that one). god, i feel super boring right now, i hope this is not a chore to read this, i'm sure i will read it tomorrow and be like "wow..that sounds like a ball i would want to go.. NOT." this suit is gray not. but take my word for it, kiddies, mary's ball was off the heeeezy. so we left f4 around 3 when they turned the lights on and said "go home!" which basically meant "go back and make toasties and hang out in the jcr!" which we obediently did.

so this morning was recovery at the clyde..=jugs of fat frogs at 11am.. that's not even bad, believe me, i slept till around 1030 till i was woken up by the phone.. but apparently people were out in the courtyard around 9am predrinking for the recovery. hardcore here at mary's..or just alchies. i unfortunately had work scheme at 1 which absolutely s-u-c-k-e-d. then more clyde till i had a lecture at 5 at AFL world. oh, true story. so my friends give me a hard time for my absolute lack of work load (9.5 hours a week much?) so today everyone took the day off of uni for, well, recovery, and me, the hardworking uni student that i am, went to my lecture, which at least impressed people for half a second till i told them it was at afl world. groan. afl world = like an espn zone but completely footy-oriented. also, it was free, so why would i not go? that was a fun walk down to QV though. i reckon if that clicky man didn't click so loud a tram or two might've stripped me of a toe...

anwayys, afl world was pretty b.a... it definitely got my psyched up for CHICK'S FOOTY this weekend!!! tomorrow we have our last training session and then our first match is saturday at 10am against NEWMAN! which means i will be taking on none other than miss kristen aka roomz.. don't worry, i will not let our friendship get in the way of me TAKING HER DOWN TO CHINATOWN!

oh! and siobhan just called and i am choc choc chocolate touring with her tomorrow..mmm..probably a great idea before footy training. oh, and i found out that our matches on saturday are early which means i can still make it to the g for the st kilda/richmond footy match.. probably the last one i will see because then it goes into the playoffs and tickets get too expensive for poor lil ole me.

alright, i can barely keep my eyes open, yes it is only 1022pm but i have had a long day people! oh, true story, i though this was witty of me.. maybe not.. but let me bask in my self appointed glory anyway. so i registered amanda for a race this saturday to get her to start running again.. and i talked to her today and was like, oh, what are you doing saturday, because i have a problem.. i registered for this race on saturday in downers grove, but see, 1) i am not in america and 2) i put amanda instead of my own name. so i reckon she got the hint and i talked to george about it and woot! it's a go! also, i will be able to find out the results on the internets so if she doesn't end up running (god forbid, save her soul) i will know!

oh! and tuesday we had dinner with liz&luke..it was GREAT and we found out about some of the stuff we are doing in tassie.. including a tour of the cadbury factory (true story: liz said by the end of the tour we would be sick of chocolate, but to make sure we stock up on it anyways.. to her i say GOOD DAY! that will not happen), a bike ride down mt. wellington (big mountain near hobart), white water rafting (YEAH YEAH!), and a midnight tour of an old convict prison... liz said she'd email the final itinerary sometime this week so i should be finding out the rest soon.. but i reckon what i know now is pretty b.a.

alright, i'm peacing out of this joint, slash going to bed. you there..in america..wake up, yo, its 833, don't waste the day! love, me

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Jessie said...

Alycia, Aussieland sounds amazing! What on earth is footy though? Is it like rugby? Once I get my laptop working we shall Skype. I miss you! Read my blog for info on what's going on with me in Roma: jessicajoygeraci.blogspot.com