24 November 2007

homecoming, thanks kanye

first of all, if you havent heard the new kanye cd yet, go steal it off limewire or something.

second, there is a song on htere he does with chris martin from coldplay called homecoming, it is about chicago. as if it werent great enough (and it is) i messed around with the lyrics and came up with this gem...

i met this town when i was 2 days old
and what i love most, she had so much old
people -- excuse me little leeshy i know you don't know me, but
i know your daddy and, he brings me my mail and,
from that point on she had made her mark
friends come from outta town, i like to tow them off,
they tend to act bored, i say it's not my fault
and make them at least fake it because i know she's soft
and when i grew up she showed me how to bike downtown
go from budnik's to totura's to the lpd
and i told her in my heart is where she'll always be
she never mess with college kids cuz they always leave but
she says she knows that some day they'll be back with kids,
knows if you're born here that you'll always be sucked in
i guess that's why last winter i saw on my drive,
every one from the class of, the class of two thousand and five

but if you really care for her, then you would never let jewel build
and make chipains struggle for business, but when you shop
it always seems like jewel's got pop for cheap and,
she said you left your bg fries and they're greasy like you,
they melt on your tongue and stick to yo heart like glue
but they not good for you but you just got to
and macca's does it up but it's just not new
now everyone's got their stomach filled up all wrong
i guess you never know what you got till its gone
i guess that's why i'm here and i'm still coming back home
and guess that i'll always somehow end up back home
everyday i think of where i'll be ten years from now
living here in australia, my brother's frat starts with tau
but no matter what, i'll put two thousand dollars down
to fly back on a plane to my home, l-town

do you think about me now and then?
do you think about me now and then?
cause i'm coming home again
maybe, do you remember when,
keepataw days beer garden
oooh, now i'm coming home again
i'm in home again
maybe, do you remember when
nick burgers and the christmas inn
now i'm coming home again
maybe we can start again

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