24 November 2007

let's dance to joy division

and celebrate the irony
that everything is going wrong
but we're so happy

ALRIGHT! well lucky you kids, you get a whole nother blog entry! one last go before i go home, that's what ia lways sa. actually i never say that. but i could. and isn't that what i always say?

so..this is it. my life is packed in 2 suitcases (hopefully under 23 kilos each) and a carryon.. i was actually surprised at how well everything has fit considering how much i have bought.. or haven't bought, but God knows the money in my bank account went somewhere. i have heaps of clothes and stuff i'm not even trying to bring home.. i had this big aspriation to make this brilliant scrapbook..yep..that's all in the trash. all this stuff i wanted to bring home.. trash. which is all as well because i have no room for it back home. i have heaps and heaps of trash though and i cant be bothered to take it allllll the way down to the dumpster.. so it's staying in my room. maybe i'll drag it out to the hallway. yeah, i'll probably do that. but only the boxes without my name on them..

went out for one last time tonight with claire and her sister, who is pretty much my twin except cooler. if that's even possible, but let's not kid ourselves. we went to the only hiphop/rap/blackpersonmusic dance club in melbourne which was heaps of fun, and it was even better because 1) aussies CANNOT dance. to hear akon and kanye and see people doing the same moves they'd do if bryan adams or something would come on.. it's pretty hilarious, but it also means that i come across as a decent dancer..so that take laura MMMM.

how am i going to get home 2 blown up footies? how do i get the air out of them?

seriously though.. i reckon i have more trash than i have luggage.

also, i am worried about the stupid kangaroo at customs. damn californians, go eat some tofu.

the election is tomorrow and i dont even get to vote. havent we decided that i am more australian than most australians?

i never got to finish my apple dedication. i reckon i still have a chance to tomorrow but i probably wont be bothered.

my stupid iphone keeps reverting back to chicago time. it is 333am and i am dreading sleep only because it means i will be awake for my flight.. my 20 hour flight. it leaves melbourne at 1255pm and gets to LA at 945am. I GO BACK IN TIME.

then it gets to chicago by 7pm. probably not. i hope that gives me enough time to clear customs.

lets be honest folks. i dont want to go home.

i am missing australia already,

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