28 October 2007

a day late, an hour short

so i woke up this morn, stretched out these crazy limbs of mine, and turned on the crapple. i leave the time on my laptop in chicago zonage so that i know the tiempo back home. i more or less have an idea of what time there equates to what time here. so after a while i look at the clock and i'm like hmm. something seems off. then i check my phone and it says the time is 102. what? i look at my room phone clock. same thing. a bit thrown off at this point, i call my friend and i'm like "what time is it?" because for whatever reason i couldn't believe that it was, in fact, 1 in the afternoon. she confirms the time and i run down to lunch because heaven forbid i miss a meal. everyone is there, apparently realising that day light savings time does exist in australia. so we've sprung ahead an hour, and i reckon the us falls back an hour in not so many days, which means the time will be 2 hours more apart than what we've used to been. that doesn't even make sense. i'm not even going to try to fathom it right now.

so now it doesn't start getting dark till an hour later, obvi, which i guess is another sign that spring is in the air. another sign of spring: flies. flies here are a BITCH. these suckas show no mercy. as soon as the weather gets nice they are all up in your face. and arms. and legs. and whatever part of your body is outside. or inside, if you leave your windows open. i went for a run today and after a km or so of swatting i just gave up. i think some kid laughed at me, called me the fly lady, until he realised that he was the same way. no, i'm making that up. seriously though, after a while. you're just kinda like, you win, flies. crawl all over me with your germy filthy legs, please.

so what was i doing waking up at noon (1) after doing so good the other day? this so called 'other day' i woke up at 10 in the morn to go to melb central with em. i guess i had motivation to get up, shopping and what not. the friday (day before) we had a pfa, which was fun, a lot of people have exams so it didn't go off like it usually did. that's another thing. i'm not used to this intense exam studying time. granted, i have 3 essays due friday i should be writing, but i can't find motivation to write when it's sunny and 25+ degrees out. but just wandering around college today everyone's doors are closed and music is low and it's all study study study. i could get on it but. the sun!

speaking of sun, let's talk about the utter lack of natural light that happens at casinos. we went to crown last night, to check it out, gamble our lives away, etc, and it's monstrous. a montrocity. we played the pokies for a while before that got old (slash/ kberb had to drag me away kicking and screaming "JUST ONE MORE GO!") and went up to the second level of more gambling and night clubs and bars. we wandered in and out trying to find the best dance floor/bar/live band/most old men who would creepily buy us drinks. we found a winner with this one bar that had a poppin' dance floor of old men in suits and overly tanned ladies strutting out their boobas and didn't hestitate to give us nasty stares when we took the dance floor. sorry, ladies, for stealing your men. you can have 'em.

tonight i'm about to leave for the icac battle of the bands. i reckon it's already went down but s&m's isn't on till 1040 so we have plenty of time to get down there. 'there' being wherever this place is happening at. should probably look into it. but won't.


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