19 October 2007

shut the muck up.

i really like how the australians use the word muck. it's not quite a curse, it's more of a synonym for mess, ie, i really mucked up that one. we just had our college photo (which was postponed from ages ago because newman wouldn't less use their bleacher stands, the bastards) and after the one of us all in our red & blue jumpers and accys we had a muck up photo. basically everyone dresses like an idiot. i was in a toga bedsheet. NAKED! no. get your mind of the gutter.

also, how mucked up are my feet. they have blisters, popped and unpopped, from the marathon, blisters from my thongs, a blood blister from when i decided it would be better to walk home from birra bella shoeless, blisters on the bottom of my toes, raggedy toe nails because my toe nails don't grow because of running.. basically, if i was snow white and prince charming slipped a glass slipper on my foot, it wouldn't matter if it fit or not.

so we have valete dinner tonight, which is basically a good bye valedictorary dinner for all the 3rd years. everyone gets up super formal and there are speeches made, awards given etc. apparently its very emotional as well. don't be surprised if the ole leeshy-leesh drips a few tears from these aqueducts i have for eyes. after dinner we have a paradise island themed turn in the jcr, i reckon me and jenna are going to end up going as jellyfish. although in my paradise i wouldn't have jellyfish, unless they were made of actual jelly. sugar free. obviously.

yesterday ella stopped by my room before we went out for jenna's birthday and she gave me a gift bag from north 2.. they got a bunch of classic aussie food favourites and a jar of vegemite, including a how-to guide to eat this spread. i admit. i haven't really given the stuff a chance, only that one time back in the states when i spread it on way to thick. apparently the key is to spread it thin on toast with butter. i told them if they made it for me i'd eat it, but clearly i am incompetent. AND it also had the COOLEST tshirt ever.. courtesy of the australian government.. a gorgeous black off centered oddly large 'don't lose your standards' tee. nice. i will never take it off.

OH NEWS FLASH! guess where i am going to be. okay stop guessing you'll never get it. CENTRE COURT for the australian open also known as rod laver arena.. now. calm down. breathe. i know you're jealous. let's be honest, melbourne is a cool city but the original reason for coming here was always for the aussie open. now once i realized that it wasn't possible no matter what semester i came here, in the end i decided melbourne would be a nicer place to live for 6 months than sydney (hello, world's most liveable city!). but that doesn't mean everytime i go to the mcg and see rod laver i don't get a little bit excited (if you know what i mean..) so me and karri are doing a tour of the arena and all the courts and stuff.. we get to go into the locker rooms.. the press rooms.. the tunnel that the players walk through on their way to grand final.. EXCITEMENT!

alright, phone's ringing, that's my CUE to exit! going to saver's to try to find a tropical jelly fish themed outfit for tonight..

peace out cub scout

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