24 October 2007


do yourselves a favour and go download the whitlams song 'thankyou' because it is pretty much fabulous. i'm having my friends make me aussie music cds because let's face it, britney spears just doesn't exist here. so my friend emma put this song on her cd and i am in love with it. seriously. we're getting married. i'm having its babies.

in other news, the reason i wanted to write today was because this morning was my best morning ever! and by best, i mean worst. so i woke up this morning after setting my alarm for 930am because i have a 1500 word essay due..soon. that i haven't started on it. so the plan was to work on it before uni, go to uni, eat lunch, then work on it some more. so i woke up because good ole roomz' was ridiculously loud, i look at my phone and it is 749. i pull the covers over my head and try to fall back asleep. i wake up again at 815, get up to go to the bathroom, and come back and try to fall asleep again. at 828 my room phone is ringing, so i answer it and try to sound like i've been awake this whole time. i hate answering the phone when i sound groggy, but usually people see through my bad acting skills. i think i might've fooled jenna though. so i'm talking to her but really i'm wondering why she is calling me at 830 in the morning. then i glance at the clock on my room phone and it's 1130am. turns out that when i updated my iphone yesterday it went back to chicago time, so that 828 was really pm, yesterday. i jump in the shower and make it to my tutorial right on time.

so i'm sitting in the tute and every so often i catch someone glancing at me. i know i'm ridiculously hot and all but after one too many glances i look down at myself to see just what is so enticing..and i realize that my shirt has unbuttoned all the way down and my boobas are hanging out. good onme. so i slyly button it up and am a bit frazzled because my lecturer had definitely stolen a few not-so-discrete glances. maybe it'll earn me an h1 on this next essay!

so i get through the last tutorial and am making my way back to mary's and trip up a small set of stairs outside of a building, and of course a class just got out and i am in the middle of a huge group of people. i make a small courtesy and chuck right out of there.

and it's not even 2pm yet. well, it is, back in the usa. stupid apple! now, on to work choices. dammit! i was supposed to ask people at lunch about it. ahh, well. it's just gonna be a pile of bs anyway.

booya! (now you say grandma)

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