16 October 2007

what do you call a clingy boyfriend?

sticky date. pudding. okay. that was lame, but that's not my joke, i'm just the messenger. don't shoot the messenger. mmm. let's talk about my love for sticky date pudding. we had it after tea tonight and the slices were unusually large.. like, this was not your baby sister's sticky date pudding. this was the incredible hulk of sticky date pudding, covered in caramel sauce and a heap of ice cream. ooooh. so good, it made up for the shite dinner of overcooked roast and mash.

so i still haven't written about brizzy and at this point it's unlikely. but maybe you'll get lucky and i'll deliver the occasional spring break story. like right now!

so me and monica did a great barrier reef tour with this company we found online. it ended up being a really good tour, got to see everything we wanted and do what we wanted to do. the only thing that sucked was it left from brisbane, and the reef doesn't hit till about 6-700k up the coast, so the ride up was a bit of a bitch. but! another day, another story!

so we were supposed to be camping under the stars, on the beach, in the glorious australian wildlife. no. that did not happen. it would've been fine with me, the outdoorsy loving person i am. except for the possums. random fact: if you leave food by your window and you live over the veranda here, don't be surprised if possums get into your room. anyways, something was going on with the town council, fists were pulled out, punches were thrown, possums were burned, and long story short we ended up staying at the hostel in town. side note - this town was called "the town of 1770" not because that is the population (which i originally thought) but because that's when it was founded. although if it did have a population of 1770 i would be shocked, because where did all those people hide?

so there were about 25 of us on the tour and the hostel wasn't expecting us so they had to divide us up between multiple rooms. me and monica totally got shafted, and by me and monica, i mean mostly me, although monica ended up suffering too. so we ended up getting seperated because this uptight, unfashionable finnish chick on the tour wanted to stay in an all-girls room which just wasn't possible. so i got put in a room with her and the tour guide and his family, who lovingly decided to come on this very tour with him. the tour guide was cool enough, went by the name of elvis, although i wouldn't be surprised if that was his real name. so i put my stuff in the room, put the pillows and blankets on my bed and went over to monica's. we had bbq for dinner and talked to some of the other backpackers there, people who weren't on the tour with us. we met some really cool kids from england and germany in particular and decided to go the local townie pub, which was "just around the corner, up the hill, and when you see a big victoria bitter sign lighting up the sky, you've found it." so off we go.

we get there and it seems the whole town of 1770 has shown up. i guess if you were to picture a stereotypical drunk aussie pub, this would be it, complete with breakdancing wastoids and classy broads in mid driff shirts. my idea of a good time, obvi. it was a really cool night, had some beers and got to know the other backpackers. we left around 1am or so, not stumbling drunk but it was pretty close. so i go back to my room and everyone is asleep, so i tiptoe around with the lights off trying to figure out how i am supposed to get to the top bunk in my drunk state. i changed into my pj's and am about to crawl into my bed when i notice two long tubes taking up the whole entire bed. wtf, mate? what am i supposed to do about that? i didn't know if they were heavy or not (they looked pretty heavy to me) so i decided the best idea would be to just go share a bed with monica. so off i went, next door, told monica my dilemma, and spent a comfy night with 2 people on a twin bunk bed.

the next morning we went down to brekkie and the mom/wife lady may have given us a look or two but didn't say anything. that day was spent snorkeling and swimming on the reef, really awesome, hard to explain how great it is in words so i'll just let the pictures explain. when i get them developed.

so we head back to the hostel later that night and i go into my room and realize that my bed is made up and someone else's stuff is on it. i ask the wife/mom tour guide lady what was going on, and she says that she thought it was just an empty bed because no one slept there last night. i tell her no, it was my bed, and i couldn't sleep in it last night because there were the 2 long tubes on it.

"two tubes? what - oh, those. those were just the didgeridoos."


i quickly left the room and proceeded to break out in laughter. maybe you had to be there.

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Karri said...

you definitely didn't have to be there. because i wasn't. and i still laugh a lot when i hear the story.

oh, and read my latest blog (australia)...i think you will enjoy it.