08 October 2007

run hard, don't worry, you'll pass out before you die

wow so i've been ignoring this thing for a while now. i have good reason, though, i swear. see mainly i take the uni's wireless as opposed to plugging into to the college's ethernet and the uni wireless doesn't like loading facebook and blogger for whatever reason so i can only get onto those when i am plugged into the college. and that doesn't happen very often because internet is expensive here and yeah. so. on we go.

first of all, i just ran a frickin marathon. i just FINISHED a marathon. i am the happiest clam in the world. my body is ridiculously sore but i finished and i am so happy about it. unfortunately though i came down really hard on my heel at some point near the beginning, it didn't bother me at first but as soon as i hit 21k i was like.. ow. and i had to run/shuffle/walk the rest of the way. right now i can't even walk without a huge limp, which makes me wonder how i even finished yesterday.. the first half of it went really well, i think i had about 2:10 split at the half. but my finishing time was 4:49.51 and i wanted under 5 so wooo! i'm not just saying this either, but if it weren't for my heel i think i would've done better, my legs and lungs were okay for the majority, but everytime i stepped my heel would ache. it got to the point where i would walk and it'd hurt, and running on it would hurt, so i was kind of just like screw this, if it's gonna hurt either way i might as well run. it was weird running it with only 3000 competitors, as opposed to chicago which has like 45000. the marathon's cut off time for road closures and that was 5 hours so i was determined not to be shut down on and clearly i just made it!

along the way they had drink stations obvoiusly but the coolest part was that they weren't cups, they were in this plastic sachets that you would tear open with your teeth and then you could keep running while you drank it, you didn't need to stop like you would for a cup because you didn't have to worry about it getting all over you. the only thing that sucked was that since i had a lower time so close to cut off, most of the other runners were all trained and good and fast, so while there were still people behind me there definitely weren't the numbers that would be in chicago. at that point though i didn't care, i just wanted to finish. people passed out snakes and lollies and icypoles while you ran, so that was nice, because the actual marathon people only gave out water and occasionally powerade. i guess for such a small marathon it's nothing new?

but running onto the MCG for the finish was one of the coolest things, you're in the middle of this 100,000 person stadium, it left me in awe as i hobbled my way to the finish. along the way i met an essendon footy player who was clearly injured as well trying to run the 200m to the finish. at about 100m left i called my sister and told her i was about to finish and she was like "we're running with you! vito is running with you too!" and i got to cross the finish line with her (on the phone). so any pictures that pop up of me finishing i will be on the phone. as i run a marathon. i was definitely overcome with happiness and i started sobbing, the best part was though was that my friends were able to get onto the field and as soon as i crossed the finish and got my medal they were there around me hugging me and congratulating me and it was great to have people there to take care of me after. seriously. one of the great experiences of my life.

and then as soon as it was over i honestly could not walk. i had to have andrew and siobhan basically carry me through to get fruit and water and my clothes again after.. we had to take a taxi home because i couldn't even walk to the tram. which makes me wonder how i was able to run 13 miles on this foot, because even today i can't step on it. that upsets me because if it seriously weren't for this foot i would be achey and sore but at least i could walk. now i just look like an invalid. anyways.

after taking a well needed and deserved shower at siobhan's we headed to max brenner's and we FINALLY got the chocolate pizza which was orgasmic and delicious and i would run another marathon for it in a heartbeat. which if you would've asked me around 25k if that were true, i would have swore you off and cursed you out. amanda called at some point and i was like "i am never doing this again. i hate the world." and now after i'm like "let's do that again!" stupid marathons. so addicting. luckily i won't have to wait long because it's only 97 days till disney!

so my roommate has a bunch of fruit on her desk from the dining room and i definitely just took off an apple. it's just sitting there and she didn't come home last night, so, fair game. i took a banana earlier. i'm injured, people! i can barely walk! i can't make it to the lunch room! watch her walk in right.....now.

okay. so yeah. marathon was awesome, i am pretty happy with my first-marathon-no-training 4:49:51 time, no so happy with my foot, but happy that i get a well-deserved rest day because i don't have uni at all. although i am going to have to find something to do about this foot for the remainder of its pain-length.

oh, boy. i still have to write about spring break! well, seeing as how today will most be spent stretching and in bed, hopefully i'll be well enough and inspired enough for an update later.

as for now, peace!

oh, yeah. me and kristen and leah made shirts the other day too: on the front, they say "team america 2007" and the back "kickin' assphalt on 2 continents!" be jealous, i guess.

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